Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Integrity Events is now hiring Event Staff for the Amphitheater’s concert and event season. Event Staff will fulfill all duties listed below and may be assigned to several different duty posts throughout the event. Event Staff will be assigned to duties depending on their experience, performance and event needs. Applications are accepted on a year round basis. Duties include, but are not limited to:


In Any Assignment:

Interact with guests and staff in a professional and courteous manner

Provide directions and information to guests

Be knowledgeable about venue procedures, as well as event-specific procedures

Provide assistance for guests with special needs

Respond politely to guests who have complaints or suggestions

Keep the facility clean, collecting litter throughout the facility or by your assigned post

Identify trip hazards and any obstructions to access ramps or stairs

Maintaining awareness of the environment and reporting any suspicious activity

Maintaining a neat and professional appearance


Crowd Management Assignment:

Gate Security, including bag check, use of metal detectors, hand wands

Access control to restricted areas

Verifying credentials

Keeping aisles and fire lanes clear

Restricting food and beverage from entering or leaving the facility

Direct guest to entrances and exits


Clean Up Assignment:

Maintaining cleanliness of restrooms during events

Basic cleaning of restrooms after the event

Collection of litter during and after the event

Emptying of garbage and recycling bins during and after the event

Working with concessions and merchandise staff to remove garbage and recycling

Blowing debris from the stands to collection points after the event

Sorting recyclables and removing after the event



$16/ hour

Event Staff should expect to work between 6-10 hours on average per event, depending on assignment and event type. The Amphitheater hosts about 18 major concerts per year, several community and sponsor events, as well as Holidays on the Plaza, an eight week long ice-skating rink from mid-November through mid-January at Government Plaza in downtown Tuscaloosa.


For a list of announced shows, visit our Event Calendar.